There has never been a better time to invest in property, with prices starting to rise as we see the green shoots of recovery in our economy.  However, price rises are also due to the disproportionate demand to supply ratio that exists, particularly in growth areas like Houston, TX.  CRISWELL INVESTMENTS are dedicated property investors with an eye for an opportunity and we have the skill to navigate the market and seek out yield potential throughout our area of operation.  Our local knowledge is second to none and our experience spanning both boom and bust real estate markets experienced over the last decade.

That knowledge serves you well when it comes to making a savvy decision as to where best park your investment capital in a real estate asset that is destined for both yield growth and exceptional capital appreciation.  There's no safer investment than in real estate which remains one of the best performing asset class of all time!  Now there is more opportunity for people to invest in property with the introduction and strong uptake of real estate IRAs and we are seeing more investment purchases made to shore up retirement funds than ever before!

If you want the very best advice when it comes to making a savvy investment in real estate, you should seek the counsel of CRISWELL INVESTMENTS.

If you have a property that you need to sell in a hurry, we are constantly seeking opportunities to purchase with a view to a rapid close.  We won't offer you a price that is ridiculously below market value because you're in luck!  It's very much a sellers' market at the moment with scant opportunities for astute investment and so you guys are responsible for propping up property prices right now!  We'll make you a realistic offer based on the true market value of your property and close the deal quickly, so that you're free to move on with your life.

No matter what side of the property transaction you are on, you can trust the reputable advice of CRISWELL INVESTMENTS.  Contact us for an in-depth consultation!


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